​Ronin Wallet : The Axie Infinity Wallet

If you want to get involved in the revolutionary play-to-earn block chain game Axie Infinity — whether by purchasing your own axies to play, joining a guild as a scholarship player, or by starting your own axie breeding operation — then you will need to learn how to use Ronin Wallet .Sky Mavis (the developers of Axie) created the Ronin Wallet Block chain in order to enable gas-free axie breeding and the gas-free transfer of SLP, AXS, and Axies between Ronin wallets. Read on to learn how to use Ronin to interface with the Axie Metaverse!

What Is Ronin Wallet?
Ronin Wallet is a BROWSER EXTENSION.NOT an App.Sadly, there are fake apps and websites posing as Ronin Wallet, designed to steal money and axies. Therefore, make sure you download the free Ronin Browser Extension directly from the Google Chrome web store here.When setting it up, be sure to save or write down your Seed Phrase in a safe place, and do not share it with anyone, as this string of words is the key to retrieve your account (and your money) if you forget your password.

How do I use it?
Once you have set up the browser extension, you can use your new Ronin wallet address to receive axies, SLP (Smooth Love Potions), AXS (Axie Infinity Shards), wETH (wrapped ETH), Lunacian land plots, land items, and any other tokens that Sky Mavis may roll out in the future.You can also use your Ronin wallet to access the Axie Infinity Marketplace, where you can buy and sell axies or land using wETH, as well as your dashboard, where you can view your inventory.

In order to buy your first axies, you will need to or convert ETH from Metamask into wrapped ETH on the Ronin network. To do so, unlock your Ronin Wallet, use it to unlock the Axie Infinity dashboard, and select “Deposit to Ronin.”It is important to note that Ether wallet addresses always start with “0x” and the same goes for Ronin addresses — however, when sending to a Ronin wallet from an Ether wallet, the “0x” in the address must be replaced with “ronin:”

If you don’t do this, some platforms will reject the transfer, but others may accidentally send your money on the Ethereum network, and it will seem to disappear!If this happens to you, you can retrieve your funds by going to Metamask and entering your Ronin Seed Phrase. From there you can access your missing funds, though you will have to pay gas to get them out.Having entered your Ronin address properly by starting with “ronin:” you will then choose the asset (either ETH, or SLP or AXS bought somewhere such as Uniswap or Binance), select the amount you wish to transfer, hit next, and then a pop-up from Metamask will appear, asking you to select your desired gas fee and confirm the transaction.Ronin enables gas-free breeding and trading within the Ronin chain, but you still have to pay gas to transfer tokens onto the Ronin chain, so be sure to take this into account. Also, given the massive and constant influx of new Axie users, the Ronin chain is often congested, so don’t be alarmed if your transactions take some time to go through.Once the transaction is complete, your tokens should appear in your Ronin Wallet (with ETH now appearing as wETH) and you will be ready to buy your first axies, or breed your axies together using AXS & SLP.

Binance SLP Integration, More Exchanges Soon
Ever since they offered an SLP/USDT pairing (followed soon after by an SLP/PHP pairing) Binance has been a popular way for scholars to sell their SLP winnings, since it enables them to avoid the high gas fees on Uniswap.Transferring your funds from Ronin to Binance is fairly straightforward; just be careful when transferring money from Binance to Ronin, as this is when you must be certain to replace “0x” with “ronin:” at the start of your wallet address.In addition to Binance, there are rumors of new exchanges offering more SLP and AXS pairings soon, so we will be sure to update this article with fresh info as the Axie ecosystem develops.

AXS Staking
At the start of October 2021, Sky Mavis introduced a new staking feature for AXS! With over a billion dollars worth of AXS staked within the first 24 hours, it sent the price of AXS soaring to $155, before correcting to around $125, where it continues to hover at time of writing.Now, only three weeks later, there are 2 billion dollars worth of AXS staked!If you are interested in staking AXS, read our guide to staking here:

Ronin Dex
As of October 4 2021, some customers became able to purchase wETH, AXS and SLP directly through your Ronin Wallet. Simply open the wallet extension, click “Deposit” and choose to purchase assets; this will take you to the page shown in the image above, where you can choose which asset you would like to buy — however, this feature is only available in a limited number of countries at this time.To make AXS & SLP more easily interchangeable, the Sky Mavis team have announced plans to create a Ronin Dex (decentralized exchange), which will enable users to trade AXS and SLP for one another on their native Ronin block chain, thereby avoiding Ethereum and Binance gas fees and saving everyone a ton of money. While the liquidity provided by staking will surely help, there is no way of predicting exactly when the Dex will arrive.